I’ve been hiking regularly since 2011 and spend most of my hiking time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  I completed my White Mountain 4,000 footer list in September 2018 and I’m currently working on the New England 4,000 footers, the 52 With-A-View list, and Redlining the White Mountains.

I’m expanding my activities to include backpacking and training to section hike the Appalachian Trail.  My goal is to section hike the AT sequentially from south to north in 1 to 2 week increments.

If you want to contact me you can leave a comment or you can email me at hikingtocenter@gmail.com

Status Updates:

  • New England 4,000 Footers: 48/67
  • 52 With-A-View (WAV): 16/52
  • AMC White Mountain Guide Redline (30th Ed.): 29.6%
  • Appalachian Trail: Target Start in Spring 2020

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